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7 Top tips for property

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

By Marion Mays, Speaker, Author, Ambassador and Founder of Thalia Stanley Group

• You are never too young to start your property investment journey – it’s all about ‘time in the market’ rather than ‘timing the market’ so the younger you are the better off you will be, provided you’ve chosen the right investment for your circumstances

• Get educated about the market and how to create and stick to a budget – read books, sign up to relevant industry newsletters, attend education events, read the real estate and finance sections, watch videos and TV shows

• Understand your borrowing or loan size capacity from a bank’s viewpoint based on your salary and/or other sources of income

• Listen to the views of family, friends and colleagues who may have experience with property,

but don’t let their opinions be your ONLY source of information

• Back yourself to make a decision to move forward with property investment once you’ve gathered enough reliable and independent information

• Do whatever it takes to get your foot on the ladder (even a period of working seven days a week like if necessary)

Like the famous sneaker ads have been saying for decades, ‘Just Do It’!


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