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What people are saying after seeing Marion present...

Money For Men


Site Manager

“I recently attended the wealth for Men event that was hosted by Marion. I found it a very easy going evening, with great refreshments and a wealth of knowledge to tap into. I was put onto the event by a sibling, and wasn't exactly sure what I was getting into, but have no regrets on attending the evening. It was insightful, and massively relevant to anyone that is looking to build a stronger financial future. It is explained to you in a way that anyone can understand and make a start on building their own wealth. I would highly recommend it to anyone that has doubt in their own abilities or doubt in where to and what do next. I look forward to meeting with Marion to keep the journey moving in the right direction.”


Critical Care Nurse Specialist

“Six weeks ago, I set out on a personal journey of financial education by attending Thalia Stanley Group's 'Women and Wealth' seminar. I'm not sure what I expected. A few tips, perhaps, and to be signed up for an expensive course or two. What I did not expect was Marion Mays' extraordinarily personal and caring, 'tough love' approach to teaching that financial security and independence is 100% our own responsibility.


Marion's approach is not merely to inform and educate, but to challenge self-limiting beliefs, to expect positive, consistent behavioural change and to share and support each other's journey. In short... well, there is no 'in short'. That would imply that I attended an event, went away and forgot about it a day or two later. In actual fact, my consequent participation in Thalia Stanley Group's, '30 days to financial literacy' program has instigated a series of life-changing behaviours and attitudes about money and work, saving, investing and wealth building that I could never have envisaged.


I feel more inspired than ever before, because I now have the knowledge and skills, and the support of Marion and her amazing team, to create my own secure independent future. In my opinion, Marion Mays is true diamond among women. She deserves the full support of government and business to continue her important work in helping women achieve financial literacy. I cannot recommend Marion highly enough. If you have an opportunity to attend a Thalia Stanley Group event, just Go!”


CEO & Coach

“The Money for Men event was fantastic! Marion creates a positive and supportive environment which is seldom found anywhere else. This environment allows one to blossom and take control of their lives, not just financially but spiritually, emotionally and physically! Definitely recommend this to all men, no matter your financial literacy, to attend and take control of your lives today!”



“Before meeting Marion, and attending her ‘Wealth for Women’ event, I had no real tangible relationship with my finances and knew little about wealth creation. What I did know though was that I didn’t want to be struggling financially forever, and I was desperate for guidance. Having now attended the event, I feel much more inspired to manage my funds an improve my financial literacy. Marion helped me understand that I am responsible for securing my future financially, as no one will do it for me, and that it’s never too early, or too late, to take action towards wealth creation.”


Director, White Raven Studios

“What a bloody amazing night. The 3 presenters, especially Marion Mays, were exceptional. John was something else. ALL spoke from the heart.


Emotional intelligence is a phrase l had heard banded around for some time. Last night l got slapped with it across the back the head like a wet mullet.


A window opened… to understanding myself and my money story. My childhood self was still holding the purse strings, and my private shame around behavior and happenings in the past that l was totally unconscious of, was crystal clear.


And the most refreshing: 'That was then, this is NOW’. l can move forward now, and l will - rest assured... Yet l must CHOOSE. lt's about making a choice not to stay stuck. With much gratitude.”


Intimacy Coach

“Unlike other wealth events I found the information at the Thalia Stanley Group event just the perfect blend of confronting and inspiring. I feel like I've discovered a treasure in Marion. She's refreshingly relatable and grounded. She's super empowering and the real deal.


Since the event, I've found myself answering questions like, how much do I want to retire on and why I'm not saving 10% of my income, whilst learning from other women who were taking on their finances like a "boss" in a women's wealth Facebook group.


What has hit home for the first time in my 39 years of life is that I need to take responsibility for my finances and that I actually can. I’m feeling grounded, excited and empowered.”


Equity Analyst

“The Money for Men event was fantastic! Marion creates a positive and supportive environment which is seldom found anywhere else. This environment allows one to blossom and take control of their lives, not just financially but spiritually, emotionally and physically! Definitely recommend this to all men, no matter your financial literacy, to attend and take control of your lives today!”


Founder, Case By Case

“I was lucky enough to recently be a part of Thalia Stanley Group's Money for Men seminar (which I would highly recommend), since then, I have purchased my first property. The experienced advice and knowledge I gained provided me the confidence I needed to take that first step into the property market.”


Business Woman

"Thank you Marion! I used the information you presented at your event and I've just found an additional $20,000 in super that I didn't know I had. I WILL be buying an investment property soon. Now to get other things sorted..."


Executive Sales Consultant

“Marion and her team presented a very informative and enthusiastic evening. Money for Men was an extremely open, fun, relaxed night which provided a wholistic approach on wealth and/or creating it. Thanks again for letting me be a part of the initiative!”



“As a woman in business and someone who lives to empower and uplift aspiring women creating their own wealth and abundance, I thoroughly enjoyed the Thalia Stanley Group event and would highly recommend it to any woman wanting to create change in their own lives through a variety of channels. An incredible venue and a room full of positive love and energy, I’ll be sure to come to the next event.”


Channel Sales Executive

“Money for Men was a great night with great company. It was a helpful session which talked about our own relationship with money and how to make it work for you. The host Marion Mays made everyone feel comfortable to talk about their own positions in a relaxed and friendly environment. One of the interesting facts that came up was that money is intergenerational. Your money story is most likely to reflect your parent’s money stories.”



"I very much enjoyed the evening attending TSG’s Women and Wealth event. Being from Byron Bay and with a family in the property industry, I aspire to the information you provide. I have also loved and could benefit from the information presented. Thank you Marion for your invitation.”


PR and Marketing Expert

"A hugely enjoyable and inspirational evening. Whilst I've long been an advocate of creating personal independence through property, there are many, many women who don't have the self confidence, skills, support network or mentors to encourage them to take the next step, or even their first tentative step. I would strongly recommend attending one of Thalia Stanley Group’s Women and Wealth events.

Marion’s passion for helping other women in a multitude of ways shines through in everything she does. Her generosity of spirit and willingness to share her experience (especially in understanding your ‘money story') is a rare thing in today’s world. For any woman who thinks there are opportunities out there to create a better life, come and hear Marion speak and see what could become possible in your world."



"Thalia Stanley Group’s event gave me great insight into the possibilities of creating personal wealth in all aspects of my life. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to meet with a group of like-minded women. This created an environment that was not only, not intimidating, but was especially open and transparent, and provided an opportunity to openly discuss my ambitions and concerns with others. I am looking forward to learning more."


Relationship Specialist

"I would like to thank Thalia Stanley Group and Marion for an amazing evening; for standing up and showing us that women can be independent financially and be creators of their own wealth. I loved the wheel of wealth exercise as it was the first time I saw all aspects of my life clearly laid out in front of me. By being present, you shared an abundance of knowledge that I too can now share with other women.   Thank you once again for being so generous and giving of your knowledge. I think all women would benefit from attending your events.”


Professional Coach

"Attended a Money for Men event and thoroughly enjoyed it. Marion Mays is ahead of her time when it comes to understanding wealth. She's got a phenomenal understanding of the thinking and beliefs that influence your ability generate and attract wealth combined with practical and proven strategies."


Floristry Teacher

"Thalia Stanley Group’s Women Want Their Own Wealth and Wine event was fabulous. It was professional, informative, inspirational, fun and well catered for Marion and her team are amazing hostesses. The event made a night away from work or off the couch worthwhile. Any women wondering if they should attend, can be assured of a positive, upbeat night created by Marion and all women in attendance."



"If you want to learn how to build your own financial, physical and mental wealth and hear from strong and inspiring women I would definitely recommend attending one of Marion’s events."


Public Health Policy Graduate

"Having recently moved to Melbourne with limited connections and female companions, I went out on a limb to attend this event knowing that I’d arrive alone.

After being greeted with what we call at home in the States, “southern hospitality” by Marion herself, I felt very comfortable and eager to connect with the other ladies in the room. The event left me with more than just a few laughs and of course glasses of wine, but also with a better sense of myself and how to move forward with a more confident attitude."

I am looking forward to what lies ahead.


Coach and Business Owner

“Thank you, Marion for such a beautiful environment to share your WEALTH ;) of knowledge! It was perfect in so many ways, such important information, delivered in both a professional & relatable way, wonderful group, amazing food & wine.”

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