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Wealth Advocacy

Wealth Advocacy Services

Thalia Stanley Group does not offer licensed financial advice of any description.

Our service offering is educational in nature so that you are empowered with knowledge to make informed decisions.  Even with such knowledge, many people find it challenging to manage their team of licenced experts such as Financial Planners, Lending experts, Accountants or legal professionals. Collaborative communication from your licenced expert team is imperative to your success.

Our wealth advocacy service promotes the concept that it is imperative that a licensed team of experts work together to achieve your desired financial outcomes.  With our education and coaching services, Thalia Stanley Group also offer Project management and will happily work with your existing team of experts such as accountants, financial planners, stockbrokers, insurance providers and mortgage brokers to create better outcomes for you.

 If you do not have your own team of licensed experts then Thalia Stanley can refer you to our strategic business partners, who are all licensed and who are trusted and known to us.

Join the Thalia Stanley Group family by engaging our educational and project management services today. Contact us.

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