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Financial Literacy and Education on Creating Wealth

Bringing financial literacy to all as a preventative tool to poverty, homelessness and financial abuse is the core of why we exist.

90-Day VIP Program

Our 90 day program is a deep dive into all of the foundations that you need to have in order to be a fully-fledged adult when it comes to taking responsibility of your future. Part financial literacy, part personal coaching and totally 100% tangible results-driven. You will leave this program with every area of your life admin, financial literacy and money world completely sorted plus more.  If you are interested in doing this work, a good starting place is to read the testimonials from those who have already been there.  These can be found via the following platforms:


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Bespoke Workshops

We run workshops for corporate, community groups and schools on request. From the fundamentals of financial literacy to more sophisticated investment subjects, we are able to tailor a workshop for your specific needs.


NFP and community groups that support disadvantaged members of our community in the areas of homelessness, domestic violence and poverty have access to our Financial Literacy and Education programs at a ‘no cost’ basis (conditions apply and applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis).

For more information about our workshops, contact us.

What our clients are saying


Business Consultant

“Marion’s ‘Women and Wealth’ event was a beautiful culmination of women in support of each other in their pursuit of not just wealth but a better life. Marion did an amazing job in delivering content which was both confronting, motivating, inspiring and empowering. As a young female in her 20s, the information was invaluable and so eye opening.


Since, Marion has hosted a 30 day online program to help the women in the room build upon their financial literacy and tackle their money story, and personally I can say that the trajectory of my life has changed as a result of connecting with Marion. Her authenticity from the beginning and her genuine desire to pass on her knowledge and help others is so refreshing. Attending her seminar was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far in my life and highly recommend anyone, male or female and of any age to attend. You won’t regret it.”


Entrepreneur - Relationship Coach

“I attended the Money for Men event hosted by Marion because I realised I had a poor history with money, driven by a really unproductive money story, that had gotten me into debt, and even though I earned a great salary... earning more to spend more was not working for me. I wanted to learn from her expertise and begin the journey of taking financial responsibility... which to me means making good use of the money I was earning, to provide for and secure my future and my families future... something that had not previously been a consideration (which now seems crazy). What's more important than that?


Despite feeling self-conscious of my naivety and history around money, Marion and her team made me feel truly welcomed, comfortable and like I really mattered, and her great team, including 2 special guest speakers provided a wonderfully educational evening. I learned so much, and am so grateful to Marion that she is putting this information out there to those who need it. She's on a wonderful mission. Get in the room as soon as you can.”


Health and Wellness Mentor

“30 days to Financial Literacy is an absolute must experience of education, exploration and taking action.


Marion's passion and wealth of knowledge is a credit to her ongoing dedication and commitment to bringing financial literacy to all. Her generosity of time, spirit and energy is inspiring as she nurtures whilst challenging you to be the best you can be by taking ownership and accountability for your own finances and the creation of your wealth.


The time is right now.”

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To find out more about any of our services contact us today.

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