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What’s Your Money Story?

By Marion Mays, Speaker, Author, Ambassador and Founder of Thalia Stanley Group

In my professional and personal life, I meet all kinds of people who would LOVE to buy their own property, in fact they tell me it’s their biggest dream. But in my experience almost every person has a ‘money story’ playing in their head, like a condensed audio book on repeat which prevents them moving forward, mired in the same old negative patterns.

As I am super passionate about improving the economic empowerment and financial literacy of Australian women – all Australian women – as a powerful deterrent to homelessness in later life, my company chooses to work mostly (although not exclusively) with the fairer sex. Some of the ‘stories’ I hear are variations of these old chestnuts…

Common Money Stories for Women

‘I’m just no good with money, it always slips through my fingers’

‘Dads/big brothers/husbands/lovers always make the important decisions about money’

‘I’m too scared to borrow money, what if I can’t pay it back?’

‘Everyone in our family has always rented, so I guess that’s all I’ll ever do too’

‘I love shoes and handbags too much to ever save for a house, lol’

‘Property prices are crazy, I’ll never be able to save a deposit on my salary, why even try?’

‘I don’t know anything about property investing, it’s all too scary and confusing for me’

‘Real Estate is for rich people or rich people’s kids, and that’s not me’

Sometimes the money story is so powerful, so well-worn and entrenched, that people stay trapped in its vice-like grip for their whole lives, never overcoming their fear and taking purposeful steps toward making their property-owning dream a reality.

If you do just ONE thing this week, take the time to identify your personal Money Story, and ask yourself if it is holding you back. What professional support do you need to overcome your fears? If you’re ready to improve your money story and work towards a happy ending, please get in touch with me here to see how we could help.


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