Coaching Services

Thalia Stanley Group provides  professional mentoring and coaching in two specific areas. 


Small Business Coaching and Mentorship 

We can support you as a start up or established small business in relation to revenue generation and monetising products and services.


Personal Coaching and Mentorship 

Personalised support focused on goal orientated lifestyle outcomes, such as career change, greater earning opportunities and specific wealth goals.


Property Mentoring Services

Many clients prefer property as a vehicle to build wealth  over shares or other investment forms.  We are passionate about property and offer leading-edge mentorship in the property sector, ensuring any property transaction you make is fully informed and avoids costly mistakes. 


We are research driven and provide an exhaustive due diligence and research service. We have a procurement service to help you secure off-the-plan and off-market properties as well as established and second-hand properties.  Our ethos is that any investment decision should only be made based on all facts being known. To this end, our research and due diligence service is second to none in the property mentorship space. 


We can assist you with: 

  • Off-the-plan purchasing of brand new properties 

  • Purchasing pre-existing  properties 

  • Buying properties at below market value 

  • Property with capital gains potential through renovation 

  • Property with scope for sub-division 

  • Properties with development potential 

  • Using property ‘options’ as an investment strategy 

  • Boutique development mentoring 

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