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Coaching Services


Small Business Coaching

We can support you as a startup or established small business in relation to understanding the basics of running a business when it comes to finances. Helping you to understand and to develop competency in managing your business’ money stuff.  We happily work with your existing accountant and take you through an educational program that leaves you feeling confident, empowered and in control.


Personal Coaching

Personalised support focused on goal orientated lifestyle outcomes, such as career change, greater earning opportunities, understanding where you are stuck when it comes to money and why, and developing your level of financial literacy.


Property Mentoring Services

Many clients wish to own property, either for home ownership or for investment purposes, but do not know how. 

We offer a full educational service to teach you all the steps you need to know to ensure making a substantial purchase such as property is done without any important factor being overlooked.

Beyond education, we have a model where we can connect you with industry experts like builders, developers, and agents to help you find property.   Thalia Stanley Group is not a licensed Real Estate agent, nor do we provide advice. Our role is to refer you to those in the industry we believe are providers of quality products.  In the event that we refer to you to a Property Developer, builder or agent to purchase or manage a property, we will receive a marketing fee directly from them for the introduction of business, which varies in nature on a case-by-case basis.


We can assist with: 

  • Introducing you to developers for Off-the-plan purchasing of brand-new properties 

  • Purchasing pre-existing properties using a Buyers Advocate  (via our strategic business partners licensed agents) 

  • Conducting research and due diligence on builders and developers that you may wish to deal with directly

  • Helping you understand property options, such as capital growth or sub division potential or yield.

  • Co-ordinating all the steps involved when you have bought a property such as obtaining finance, co-ordinating conveyancers, building inspectors, quantity surveyors etc.

  • Co-ordinating / managing the rental process for you (via our strategic business partners licensed agents)

  • Management of your property once purchased (via our strategic business partners' licensed agents)

Get the support you need to achieve your goals. Contact us.

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