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H-appy Money Apps

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Seeing as everything these days is gearing towards digital, let’s talk money apps.

I’m sure many of us traditionalists would feel hesitant to draw on apps to save us some extra cash. But it’s time we adapt to the times.

Here are some great everyday mobile applications that you could be downloading for much-needed savings tips and short-cuts.

  1. Moneytree Moneytree allows you to track your spending behaviours, bank account activity, loyalty program points, transport card balances and superannuation account/s. It’s a virtual wallet that has almost every function. You can categorise spending behaviours and identify areas of improvement, you can set savings and earnings goals and you can track a wide range of accounts.

  2. Stocard This app acts as a virtual wallet. Stocard stores your loyalty cards in one easy to access and easy to manage app. The app works by allowing you to scan and file each card so you can simply scroll through and seek out any card at any time. There’s even a location feature, so when you’re nearby a shop, they’ll pull up the corresponding loyalty card for you. No more searching through your wallet at the checkout for that one card that just doesn’t seem to be there. Stocard has over 200 preset loyalty cards such as Flybuys, Woolworths Everyday Rewards, Frequent Flyer programs and MyerOne and allows you to add any of your own on top of that. Stocard makes it easier to stick to those loyalty programs and earn rewards as you go.

  3. Shopfully Shopfully allows you to condense all your loyalty cards and subscriptions into one app. They’ll tell you what deals to be on the lookout for, covering anything from groceries, department stores, health and beauty, electronics, office supplies and furniture. The app further uses your location to inform you of the best deals in your local retailers and supermarkets. No longer do you have to waste time scrolling through email offers and flicking through catalogues, Shopfully does all the searching for you.

  4. Shopback Shopback allows you to get cash back for your online purchases. Online shoppers can redeem a percentage of their money back when they spend through the app. This app includes retailers such as ASOS, Woolworths, Menulog and Chemist Warehouse, saving you anywhere up to 40%.

  5. Finch Finch - “the financial app for your social life”. Finch focuses on group spending. The app allows you to split bills, pay and request payment between individuals or groups and send payment reminders, all by syncing with your mobile number. You can also track group spending and provide insights into exactly where all your money is going in terms of social activity.

  6. Quit That! Quit That is all about helping you overcome your bad habits from a financial perspective. Do you spend too much money on junk food? Or cigarettes? Or shoes? This app allows you to track how much money you’re saving after ditching your bad habits, incentivising you to reach your goals.

  7. ATO App This app by the Australian Taxation Office allows individuals, as well as small businesses and self-managed super funds, manage their cash flow and tax deductions. You’re able to store receipts and invoices, benchmark your business against others in your industry for tax purposes, search ABNs and reduce the paperwork that comes with tax-time by managing payments and transactions as you go.

  8. Y Waste Y Waste allows you to pick up excess food from shops and restaurants at discounted price. According to Y Waste’s CEO, Ian Price, over 3 million tonnes of edible food is thrown away by Australian retailers. It’s time to make good use of it! Through the app, restaurants are able to avoid food (and money) wastage, whilst consumers are able to save money by buying meals at discounted prices. The app gives you the option to search food retailers within your location and pick up the best deal available.

  9. Purposit Known as the ‘Child Gifting App For Parents’, the idea of Purposit is to pool together money from close friends and family to fund meaningful gifts for children. Occasions such as birthdays and Christmas often come with an excess of unwanted and unused presents. The idea of Purposit is that friends and family are able to contribute to gifts that are wanted and prevent wastage from those that are not. Contributions are easy (all made through the app) and are all acknowledged with thank you cards from the host.


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Angela Fox
Angela Fox
Apr 15, 2022

Great. I would like to add a more also have very good things in terms of consumer frugal guide and discounts.


Sep 18, 2018


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