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Money Coaching | Property Education  Mentorship

Founded by Marion Mays in 2014, the core focus of Thalia Stanley Group is on people, developing their skills so that they can fufull their fullest potential.


Our approach is simple. We educate firstly so that you are empowered to make decisions, then we coach and mentor so you can develop competency and confidence in all things money.


Our mission is to inspire and facilitate the growth of our clients both personally and financially.


We know the quickest pathway to success is to find a mentor who has walked the path before.
As such, we invite you to start a conversation with us.



- Tracey Julie, Administrator
April 2020

"I’m proud and happy to say based on the guidance provided to me by Marion,  I have since been able to secure a pay rise, put myself forward for additional work hours with my current employer in a different role which I’ve started.  I also  re-financed my mortgage to a better rate/package reducing my monthly spend."

- Jon (Abu Dhabi, UAE)
February 2020

"Marion embodies key pillars of trust, professionalism, transparency and quite simply going the extra mile for her client - whether that is negotiating reduced price for their land, persuading builders to provide complimentary upgrades to fixtures and fittings or just ensuring that we are kept up to date every single step of the way. "

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