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Tracey Julie

"When I started coaching in January 2020, I was lucky enough to have two coaching sessions with Marion from Thalia Stanley Group and I would definitely recommend her services. Her style is direct, encouraging and she is super attentive and a wealth of knowledge. what I really loved was the mix of tangible financial education, practical next steps with mindset and energetics combined.



By the end of our session I felt really clear and inspired  about what  next steps I could take.   I’m proud and happy to say based on the guidance provided to me by Marion,  I have Since been able to secure a pay rise, put myself forward for  additional work hours with my current employer in a different role which I’ve started.  I also  re-financed my mortgage to a better rate/package reducing my monthly spend.


The surprise to me was that the coaching was so effective and cut through delivering results  in such a short period of time, I am now enjoying the benefits of getting coached on an area that I needed guidance and support in."

Eamonn and Georgina

“When Georgina and I first met Marion, we had no savings and no direction with regards to our financial future. Engaging with Marion and going through the process with her step by step has given us the much-needed guidance and direction to finally build a future together.


We have learned where our areas of financial leakage are and how to save and get smart about our finances and openly communicate with one another, so that we are on the same page with a common goal. We have recently become proud property owners and finally feel in control of our future and confident we can continue to build wealth with the help of Marion and Thalia Stanley Group.”

Jonathan and Claire

“For the most part, like a lot of couples, our financial dealings and investments were left to Jonathan to handle. However we decided it was important for Claire to firstly understand more about our finances and also for us to be able to make joint decisions for our future.

In working with Marion we initially established a clear financial goal, crucially that was congruent with our own values (something Marion was insistent on). Then we took action, buying our first investment property, with more planned.

We also both benefited from joining “Money for Men” and “Wealth is Women’s Business”, which enabled us to have more positive conversations about money and wealth building and means we are now on the same page when it comes to our financial aims.

There is no doubt in our mind that this openness to finances has benefited our overall relationship, with clear and achievable goals now in sight.”


“An inspiring session for men by Marion Mays that breaks down money issues to the core. Making you realise what your strengths and weaknesses are and the steps you need to overcome them. So empowering and something I would recommend to any man serious about wealth.”


“Stop pretending that your finances are all okay. Stop hiding from them. Get exposed to reality here with Marion and have true opportunity and awareness to change it by your choice instead of by circumstance, or it being too late/painful to do so.”


“I have come to terms with what I don’t know about investing. Marion has made me have a hard look at what I must do now. Such an inspiring board room even that I recommend all men attend.”


“Marion and Michael make it real. Too frequently we live in our heads ‘about money’ but don’t think to act on money. This presentation focused on action after understanding which really motivated me. Key take away - Money is not just a mental exercise.


"My investment journey began less than two years ago, at 43 years old, which is about 15 years later than I planned. Like many of us, I'd spent too long stuck in the rent trap.

I started this journey with Thalia Stanley Group (TSG) in which I’m very thankful. TSG founder Marion Mays took the time to understand my situation. Even though I only had a modest deposit saved Marion developed a plan of action that suited me perfectly too which we began immediately. Through their services, TSG helped secure me well-positioned land for an excellent price. They recommended trusted and tested finance and legal experts and within only a matter of weeks, I had secured the purchase.


Over the next 12 months, whilst I saved towards construction, Marion and the TSG team helped find me a reputable and high-quality builder, assisted with choosing the best design options and negotiating the building contract. The build went smoothly and 6 months later the property was completed and to an excellent standard. TSG put me in touch with a very professional property manager and my first investment property was leased without delay.

Marion and Thalia Stanley Group team have helped me build a trusted team of specialists in which I've felt well supported throughout. There is so much to learn about and consider in property investment and while I enjoy the detail it is impossible to become an expert in everything. Along with this journey, TSG has used their experience and contacts to recommend excellent specialists including finance, legal/conveyancing, independent building inspectors, property managers and even a well-priced quantity surveyor for depreciation schedules. TSG have taken the time to understand, mentor and consult and their experience and attention to every detail have all increased my confidence and expanded my vision and aspirations on this journey.


Most importantly the TSG philosophy is working. A few months ago, I could leverage the capital from the first property and have recently paid a deposit on property number two. Two properties in two years! With savings alone, this would have taken me at least 12-18 months longer, but the hard work TSG have done on my behalf has massively accelerated my progress. TSG helped me leverage my very modest initial deposit, by securing stock that required minimal stamp duty.

Now the good location, low negotiated price and high-quality build of the first property combined have provided significant capital uplift, enabling a deposit for a second property. TSG helped me develop a plan that suited my exact circumstances, was affordable and achievable. Their philosophy and methods have demonstrated a combination of knowledge, understanding, integrity, and success. I highly recommend you get in touch with Marion Mays and see what Thalia Stanley Group can do to assist with your financial goals too.”


Practice Nurse

“Tonight’s workshop around financial literacy was a real eye opener. Marion’s heartfelt concern for women and their financial journey shone through like a beacon. Very genuine and inspiring and a pleasure to have been a part of.”


Recruitment Manager

“Wonderful holistic approach to building wealth with an amazing bunch of women joined together for the same purposeful, empowering event. I now look forward to building my future once I unpack the tools on how to do it with Marion and her team. Big thanks for hosting such a lovely event.”


CEO of an NFP

“This event helped unpack the scariness of the financial world and made me see that it is possible to improve and grow my financial worth. Thank you, Thalia Stanley Group, as you have enabled me to feel confident and ready to take the next steps.”


Digital Project/Traffic Manager

“Marion is an authentic and a heartfelt presenter. She breaks information down in an easy and comprehendable way or in other word ‘easy to digest, bite-size pieces.’ I’m not financially literate yet but I am beginning to feel empowered and somehow in the 3-hour session, money and wealth feel less scary to to think about and I now feel I am able to achieve financial and wealth stability.”


Primary School Teacher/Performer

“Marion allowed me to understand myself, my financial situation and my money story that has negatively impacted my relationship with money. She allowed me to see what could happen if I decide to remain ignorant to this part of myself and she expressed this from a place of deep compassion, with no hidden agendas.”


Digital Marketing/Communications Manager

“Marion has a wonderful, warm and straightforward way of explaining financial literacy and getting to grips with what stage you are at and how you can positively move forward in life in terms of building wealth. I encourage all women to meet with Marion and take the first steps to ‘adulting’ with money.”



“Throughout the entirety of the session with Marion I felt welcomed, cared for and spoken to respectfully. It made me feel hopeful about my financial situation and excited for the future I will build after my divorce is finalised. I’m moved to tears with the thoughts that I can reach self-empowerment and increase my confidence in money management and wealth creation to benefit myself and my children, which will make them proud.”


Office Manager

“Awareness is the key to change and I now understand why I haven’t had a great attitude to money or wealth creation. Thank you Marion and the team at Thalia Stanley Group for an informative and challenging evening, one which I believe is the beginning of a transformation for me.” 


Operations Manager, Financial Services

“Even though I work in the financial services industries and have a lot of knowledge on the topic, Marion challenged me in a positive way to look at things in a different perspective and really opened my mind up as to why I am the way that I am with my money.”


Senior Project/Design Engineer

“Today’s seminar was the wakeup call I needed to take better control of my finances to be prepared for the future. Retirement sounds like a long time away, but Marion made me see that it will come upon myself and others suddenly and that I will need to be financially prepared for it. Marion’s language throughout the session was easy to understand as well as making everyone in the room feel energised and optimistic.”

Julie-Anne Kelly

Training and Culture Director

“If you’ve avoided finding out more about how to manage your money because you are put off by the ‘Men in Suits’ talking at you rather than to you, then please do yourself a favour and come and spend an evening with Marion to become clear on the simple things that can turn your money story around and guide you respectfully on your way to wealth!.”


Real Estate Agent/Director

“Marion’s words in this session has given me the courage to set new financial goals and feel comfortable for planning for the future. Talking about and sharing people’s, especially women’s, money stories in a group setting can help ‘lighten one’s load’.


Leadership Specialist, Business Coach

"We have recently settled on an investment property that Marion from Thalia Stanley assisted us to find, finance and settle. We had some unique personal circumstances that meant we were looking for a very specific type of investment property with a very tight window to find and complete the transaction.


The team at Thalia Stanley went above and beyond in terms of their dedication to pursuing a property that met our specific requirements. They also provided us the opportunity to be as involved in the process as we wanted to be, including organising opportunities to view properties and meet with developers which helped us feel much more comfortable with the whole process.


While we were not always fully across all that was going on behind the scenes, I felt comfortable that Marion understood our unique requirements and was putting everything in place to deliver the outcome we were looking for within the time frame.


It was fantastic to have everything taken care of for us and too not have to worry about finding a property, a loan or property manager etc. Also, Marion made herself very available to coach us throughout the process and has helped us take the first steps towards building our financial wealth."


Office Manager

"I had made a start with getting my finances in order prior to finding Marion, once I found Marion (through an article in Domain) things took off rather quickly, I was so ready.


I found Marion to be open, honest, friendly with that personal touch that seems to be missing in the world at the moment. Marion knew how much or how little hand holding I required (lets face it, it was a lot), within two weeks I had purchased my first ever property and it was exciting and frightening all at the same time but I had a secret weapon on my side and that was Marion Mays.


I have gained self-worth, security, a friend, self empowerment, my very own investment property, a plan and a belief that I can do it (with the help of my friend of course).


I would have no hesitation in recommending TSG to anyone and to everyone, man woman and child. All of the people I have dealt with have had the same prompt efficient friendly warm and helpful manner as Marion, no matter who I was dealing with, this made the whole process very easy for me; and as such it could do for YOU! So thank you Marion and your team, I owe you big time."


Marketing & Sales Professional

“I am grateful for attending Thalia Stanley Group 'Women & Wealth' event hosted by Marion Mays, the information presented by Marion on the night demystified my preconceived ideas about wealth. It was a wonderful experience, I left feeling empowered by what I had learnt and I knew I had found the group to help me walk my path towards financial freedom. I also felt very comfortable in that environment sharing this knowledge with other women who like me are in real need of financial education. I left that night with many key takeaways, particularly around superannuation that I immediately implement and because of this, I have now boosted my superannuation!


Following from this night, I was invited to participate in a 30-day challenge to continue to build my knowledge, however, not only did I learn more about wealth/finance but I found the support from Marion and her team priceless.


Since completing the challenge, I have invited my friends to a 'Women & Wealth' event because I know the value they will receive and the choices they make with this information can truly transform their lives! I highly recommend the Thalia Stanley Group and commend Marion Mays for her work in helping women become financially independent. Truly inspirational!”


Account Manager

“Thalia Stanley Group has been pinnacle in our path to successfully steering through the challenges faced when addressing our financial needs.

Through the knowledge and guidance of Marion Mays and her team we have been able to make informative choices that have lead to us acquiring property and positioning ourselves to give the education and future we want for our children.

I recently attended the amazing ‘Money For Men’ forum hosted by Marion Mays, which brought together a group of men who were all at different stages in creating wealth for themselves. I would highly recommend attending if you ever have the opportunity.”


Relationship Coach

“When I first met Marion I had NO IDEA that I had my head in the sand about my finances. It wasn’t until Marion brought to my attention what I’d need in super to retire comfortably that I had a massive wake up call. Since this time, I’ve started putting things in place to start building on my future and it feels GREAT! Can’t recommend Marion enough. Not only have I greatly benefitted from working with Marion but she’s been a pleasure to work with. She’s super down to earth and makes you feel comfortable in what can feel like an awkward conversation to have. Thank you so much Marion!”


Associate Director

"My wife and I were put in touch with Marion when we were looking to buy our first property. We had been struggling to find somewhere that we liked that was within our budget.


Marion immediately understood our situation and clearly explained our opportunities for property investment. She provided us with excellent insight into property investment and advice that was tailored to our needs and lifestyle.


Marion and her team presented us with a range of property options, explaining the analysis they had undertaken on each option in great detail. We are incredibly excited about our first property that is now under construction, and look forward to working with Thalia Stanley as it heads towards completion.


I would highly recommend Marion to any person considering purchasing their first property or looking to buy an investment property. The professional service we received was excellent and the unique, tailored advice we were provided has allowed us to move ahead with our dreams and secure our financial future."



“The Wealth Is Women Business (program) is championing financial literacy for women. The program is gold - with practical no nonsense advice to being money smart and money wise.


Marion has cut through the excuses and calls for higher standards at all levels of financial literacy. This program sings of results.


Love the soul and the inspiration.”



“I have been fortunate enough to get to know Marion Mays personally and professionally and have been amazed and heartened by her generosity of self and knowledge in both.

I have attended two Thalia Stanley events and thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the wealth of information shared. In these events, I learnt about my money Story and how it is formed and the way it still effects my money habits now. The money story is such an interesting and eye opening concept.

I have recently been a part of a 30 day Facebook group with Marion and other women on a journey to financial literacy. The amount of quality content was fantastic and the support of Marion and all of the amazing women was inspiring, uplifting and at times quite challenging. I always felt I was good with money but what I learnt was that I had so much more to learn and put in place to secure my financial future. I look forward to continuing to use and put in place the new information Marion has provided me with.

I highly recommend Marion Mays and Thalia Stanley Group to anyone wanting to grow their financial literacy and learn how to prepare for their financial future. It's never too late or to early to start. Just take action, your future self will thank you for it.”


HSE and Work Practices Systems Officer

“Marion is firstly extremely generous with her time and knowledge and her genuine desire to get everyone to understand how to get money to work, is evident. I have been one of a lucky group Marion put together and over a period of 30 days she nurtured us, pushed us, challenged us into understanding financial issues but also into getting off our butts, stop making excuses and be responsible for our own affairs. I have learnt so much about money but also about my reaction and responses to it. I cannot recommend Marion highly enough. She has changed my mindset in a compassionate way while insisting action is taken. If you're thinking about attending an event run by Marion - stop thinking - JUST DO IT!!"


Creator/CEO at Justine Switalla's Fit Healthy Mums

"I have attended two of the Thalia Stanley events and have thoroughly enjoyed them both. The events are run very professionally and Marion is a very inspiring and passionate woman who not only knows her stuff, she also has a huge a passion in helping people succeed in life. I can highly recommend to anyone thinking about attending an event to go. You won’t regret it. The information presented is important for anyone who wants to understand their money story and what drives their relationship with money and how to move forward.


I have also engaged Marion to assist me with my personal finances. This was so beneficial in understanding my current position, my capacity to invest to build wealth and a future plan to get me to where I need to be. Marion then showed me suitable options that matched my circumstances, one being an an off the plan property that was within my budget that was cashflow positive with a rental guarantee. 


Marion is very well connected and follows through with her word, when she says she will help you, that is exactly what she does. I highly suggest to anyone who is looking for guidance when it comes to understanding their money story, their financial options and how to build wealth, to engage Marion as a mentor."



"My wife and I have had the pleasure of meeting and acquiring the services of Marion Mays. She has been nothing other that professional in her work that she has done with us.


Incredible attention to detail and passion make her very easy to work with and trust. She also adds a wonderful personal touch in her dealings that makes the process so much more comfortable, especially as she is in charge of an important part of our and our children's futures.


I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs her services."


Business Woman

"I recently attended a night and discussion with Marion and her team. Sharing it with me was an interesting mix of women from various backgrounds, careers and journeys. It was a very informative couple of hours which inspired me to follow my dream.

I needed some financial support to get a project off the ground. I rang Marion and within a week my dream is now a reality!! I can't speak highly enough of the professionalism and courtesy displayed to me. They asked lots of questions "have you thought of this?", "did you make allowances for that?" 


The enthusiasm shared by the team was amazing. I am so very grateful and so pumped!!!! BRILLIANT.

Thank you, thank you, thank you."



"Attending Thalia Stanley’s Women Want Their Own Wealth event was a truly inspiring experience. There was no hard sell, no condescending undertones, but rather a narrative taken from Marion’s own experiences and expertise. She shared with us, in a nurturing way, moments in her life which have helped shape who she is today. It was a refreshing change from the hard hitting, 'bells and whistles' performances we tend to see at these events.

Thank you for creating a safe and nurturing environment, where the buzz in the room suggested a renewed outlook on life and perhaps for some, empowerment to create positive personal and financial adjustments in their lives."


Founder, Sisterhood Women's Travel

"As a single woman, knowing that creating wealth at my age is very important to gaining a comfortable life after retirement, finding Thalia Stanley has certainly been a step in the right direction! Not only has Marion taken out all the guesswork of property investment but she and her team have nurtured and supported me, creating a comfortable space for me to make my own decisions about planning financially for the future. To any woman thinking about taking the first step, I would recommend attending one of Thalia Stanley’s evenings especially for women."

Jonathan & Claire

Project Director

"We have known Marion for a little over 2 years. So when we took the plunge into purchasing our first investment property there was no hesitation in our decision to engage Marion and the Thalia Stanley Group. 


From the beginning Marion made it clear that she wants us to build a portfolio to help secure the future of our family. 


What is critical to her is that whatever decision we take must be congruent with our highest values. From the beginning she has been a mentor to us, navigating the difficult process but always keeping our best interests top of mind. 


Marion is this and so much more - a shrewd negotiator who not only secured our land under contract value but also sweats the details so we don't have to. 


Even though we now live in Abu Dhabi there was no doubt in our mind that we could trust Marion to project manage the build of our first investment property. 


Marion embodies key pillars of trust, professionalism, transparency and quite simply going the extra mile for her client - whether that is negotiating a reduced price for their land, persuading builders to provide complimentary upgrades to fixtures and fittings or just ensuring that we are kept up to date every single step of the way. 


It has been an absolute pleasure working with Marion and even though we have not yet completed our first property we look forward to working with her to make future investments and build the portfolio to secure our future. 


The highest compliment we can pay is that we have recommended Marion to close friends without equivocation and would be happy to provide a personal endorsement to anyone interested in working with her. "


Media Director

"I engaged Thalia Stanley’s services in 2016 when I decided I was ready to start building my financial security through an investment property portfolio.


Marion and her team have been fantastic from day one providing me with a completely personalised and thoroughly comprehensive process to help me understand all my options. Their highly professional advice and guidance has led to me purchasing my first investment property (outside of an existing one in my super) which is not only within my budget but will not impact my cash-flow on a monthly basis.


The first option fell through due to the developer’s valuation being too high and Thalia Stanley were quick to cover my out of pocket legal costs despite no fault on their part. Option two, and originally preferred, is now locked in and I’m eagerly awaiting settlement.

Investment, and particularly property investment, can be such a stressful process with multiple moving parts and the need for long term financial security is more important than ever before. With the finance and investment industry often tainted with lack of transparency, fraud and hidden agendas, I feel very fortunate to have found TSG because I feel protected, fully informed and financially secure at every stage of the journey. TSG has put my interests first and foremost in all their dealings and the authentic and highly personalised approach is exactly what I need.

I am looking forward to a long term working relationship with Marion and her team."


"Our experience in securing ourselves another investment property with Thalia Stanley Group has been seamless.

One of the most important factors for this smooth experience is the service provided by Marion Mays and her team of thorough professionals.


Right from the word go, Marion has always been there and provided the advice required to enable us to make right decisions.


I’m really impressed with her skills and professional approach. What stays with me about Marion is her selfless commitment towards helping others to build wealth.


I could safely conclude that the relationship we share is full of mutual trust and respect for each other.


Marion’s industry insight has been the highlight of our experience. Thoroughly impressed with her wide industry exposure and the networking capability.


The investment property we acquired through Thalia Stanley Group was leased out within 1 day of its settlement, and the rental amount (although was exactly what was quoted in our first meeting) exceeded our expectations.

There are no doubts in my mind that based on the industry experience and the relationship Marion and her team have built with property developers, we will able to source another cracker of a deal (just like this one).


I’m looking forward to a very successful and long-term association with Marion after the experience I (and also my friends) have had with Marion."

Nasir & Alia

Complaints Specialist & Team Support Officer

"We would like to thank Marion for going above and beyond to help us in achieving our goal.


We met Marion at the beginning of this year after being introduced to her by our close friend who is a client of Thalia Stanley Group.


Our personal circumstances were very time sensitive and we needed Marion to find us an investment property in a very short period of time, which she did.


To be honest, initially I was not ready to believe that this was going to be possible, but when we actually signed the contract we had to pinch ourselves to feel that it was really happening.


Marion treated both of us very professionally throughout the process and organised everything for us including the finance required, the legal work, the depreciation schedules and the property management via her team of professionals.


We dealt directly with Marion at all times and she oversaw all the experts whilst ensuring we were always kept up to date every step of the way.


Marion keeps close contact with us, she continues to monitor our properties and our overall financial position to identify when we can next invest again. We have formed an excellent relationship with her and with great trust we discuss our investment plans and goals for the future. Thalia Stanley Group in our experience is for people who value relationships and the highest standard of service and professionalism.


Marion’s contact with us and service has not wained since purchasing our property. She shows she cares now as much as she did from the first day she met us. It is from the bottom of our heart we thank her for helping us to become property investors."

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