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Money Basics
Doing Day
Join Marion Mays for a Live Doing Workshop and Get Your Money Foundations in Place!

Saturday, 5 January 2019 | Melbourne CBD

Have you promised yourself that 2019 will be different, that you won’t waste another year just working with nothing to show for it?

Like most of us, no doubt you work hard for your money but somehow don’t seem to be on top of having all your basic affairs in order.

The foundations of being able to build wealth require that you have all the basics sorted, so that you have a solid framework to build wealth on and to keep you protected.

When it comes to our finances most of us have a long list of basics we know we should sort out but somehow never get around to doing.

Make 2019 different, make it a year where you finally feel sorted and in control of your money and financial future.

Come to our doing day where you will leave with most, if not all of your financial basics ticked off your "to-do" list.

On the day we will be DOING, getting sorted and putting in place all the basics that we need in order to get ahead financially.

Meet Marion

Marion Mays is the Founder of Thalia Stanley Group.


She is a wealth mentor with technical experience in banking, consumer & investment lending, debt and asset recovery, financial planning, real estate and professional coaching. She has gained hands on experience in direct property investing over the last 20 years, in both the commercial and residential property markets in Australia.

Marion is an avid writer and regular contributor to media.

Marion’s true passion is to champion the financial services sector and the wealth education space to operate at the highest standards, whilst delivering financial guidance in a way that is empowering to clients and creates real change for them with measurable tangible outcomes. 

Thinking about joining me at my Money Basics Doing Day? These people did, here's what they had to say...



“I am SO glad that I took the time to do the 'Doing Day' with Marion...not only was it eye opening, but it got me totally inspired to take complete control of my financial future. Marion is so generous with all of the information she shares and it's amazing to see the way she dedicates herself to empowering women to take control of their future. I am SO grateful to Marion and would highly recommend that ALL women do something like this.”​


“If you've been putting off sorting out your super, making a budget, a will and generally getting your bum into gear around your finances, Marion Mays’ Money Basics Doing Day is an event you would be mad to miss. The day was relaxed and supportive with a fantastic group of women (oh - and a delicious lunch). Marion is passionate about helping women take control of their finances and I came away more informed, more determined and armed with everything I needed to do.”


Business Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

“I had the privilege  to attend Thalia Stanley Group's Money Basics Doing Day. Marion and her team provided a space that was judgement free and safe to explore and share our experiences whilst taking action on those 'I will get around to it soon items'! that every person, particularly women have on their to-do list and should do (super, wills etc.).

In taking action and creating space to actively engage in my financial literacy, it has given me the impetus and the confidence to go further. This was an invaluable day and I highly recommend everyone take the opportunity to create action in this area of your life.As Marion states, "meeting reality where it's at", is the foundation to creating the financial foundation, future and freedom I want for myself and my family.


Thalia Stanley Group's Money Basics Doing Day has changed the way I think about financial literacy and the conversations I will have with family and friends. Financial literacy is self-empowerment, just do it!”



“Gathering my information ready for this event, I felt overwhelmed. Had I done enough preparation, was I ready to confront my finances? Thank goodness, I didn't listen to my anxious inner self. I did attend and it was fantastic. The atmosphere was so relaxed and welcoming.

As always Marion delivered an abundance of informative and insightful information in her unique relaxed and embracing manner.


I gained a much better understanding of superannuation. I finally feel like I can look at my statements with more confidence and understanding. The doing list that Marion provided and the way she worked through explaining why each item was so important to attend to as the fundamental base for managing finances and preparing to build wealth was fantastic.

I'm so grateful and glad I took the leap of faith to attend and entrust Marion to take/guide me on this journey. Thalia Stanley’s Doing Day equals: fantastic leadership, content and results, and empowerment. I highly recommend this to other women and men needing to regain control of their money and learn more about how to better manage their finances."

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Here's what we'll be doing:
  • Creating a budget – so you know where your hard earned dollars are going.

  • Reviewing financial leakage – finding where you are losing money that you may not even realise or know about.

  • Reviewing your superannuation – searching for missing policies, reviewing the fees’ and charges and making sure its invested in a way that suits your risk profile.

  • Checking out your insurances – making sure you have them and are not paying too much.

  • Creating a will – or if you have one reviewing it. We will also help you do a medical and financial power of attorney.

  • Creating a wealth plan – that is realistic and actually suits your unique circumstances.

  • Identifying your money story – what are your subconscious beliefs and what is stopping you from having success with money?

  • Developing financial literacy – teaching your the basics of financial foundations and how to build wealth.

This day is about not outsourcing your power to an expert, it is about you learning and doing.

It's not a dry, heavy or intense day, it's a day of like-minded people coming together and deciding it's time to get sorted financially.

It's interactive, fun, often humorous and most importantly productive!

Regardless of your current situation, whether you have no idea or are an expert, this doing day is suitable for you as the work is self-paced and unique and relevant to your very own circumstances. Ultimately you will leave with all the items ticked off your to do list and a feeling of confidence that you will be able to make the most out of 2018 and finally start building wealth.

When: Saturday, 14 July 2018, 10am to 4pm
Where: L23, 500 Collins St, Melbourne
What to bring: a laptop.
Delicious catering as always.

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